Tall, blonde and successful. That’s how I imagine our Danish, Norwegian and Swedish friends. This picture was mostly confirmed by my most recent television discoveries: ‘Borgen’ and ‘The Bridge’. Except for the blonde thing. Some people up north do have brown hair.  Like Birgitte Nyborg, Denmark’s leading lady in the political drama Borgen

Birgitte and Kasper being their cool and successful selves

That series is all about showing what’s behind the scenes. Behind the scenes of the government, the media and in between the spin doctors. Besides the great plot (for a synopsis I would refer to Wikipedia), the characters were the reason I was hooked to the series from episode 1. And subsequently watched all 20 episodes in two weeks. Oops.

Katrine being journalisty

All the women in the series are badasses. Firstly you have Birgitte, Denmark’s first female prime minister, who is the ultimate career woman with strong moral beliefs, who speaks three languages fluently has a handsome husband and two kids. Ah having it all. Unfortunately even superwoman Birgitte doesn’t succeed in keeping it all throughout the series. The other female powerhouse is Katrine Fønsmark. A strong willed, stubborn, talented journalist (what I’d like to imagine myself being in 5 years). My male favourite character is the prime minister’s spin doctor, Kasper Juul. Kasper is smart, a bit of a bad boy and troubled by a trauma from his youth.  A little mystery, what’s not to like?

In general Borgen makes it seem like the entire population of Denmark is intelligent, well educated, good looking, talented and ambitious. Are you considering a move as well?

My love for Borgen inspired me to start watching The Bridge. A 10 episode  long murder mystery. I haven’t gotten further than episode 2 (more schoolwork unfortunately prevents series-gorging like I did with Borgen) but I’m already very happy with my latest dvd-box purchase. The story is very promising and I already a fan of the Lisbeth Salander-esque Swedish police inspector Saga.

To conclude my I love Scandinavia rant, I’ll tell you about an article I read in the newspaper today. Sweden invested in garbage incinerators that generate electricity. But this durable trash processing doesn’t quite work. It appears that the Swedes are just too eco-friendly. They recycle so much of their garbage that there just isn’t enough to keep the ovens going. Aren’t they adorable?

When I’m fantasising about going to Sweden or Denmark and becoming one of those Super-Successful-Scandinavians there this one thing holding me back. It is just so so terribly dark and cold in winter. So until the climate has fully changed I’ll stay in my dear average Belgium.


2 thoughts on “SUPER SCANDINAVIA

  1. Als jij Katrine wordt, mag ik dan Birgitte zijn?! 🙂 Trouwens zeker ook eens the Killing, Varg Veum en Wallander checken!!! ❤ ik mis canvas

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