This past weekend I had four friends from three different countries over. We all met last year in Milan where we were doing an Erasmus study exchange. It was great to see everyone and have fun and blab at each other about what we are doing now and to reminisce about last year.

Even though it was nice to talk about all these memories it also made me extremely nostalgic. That’s why I’m going to tell you what I miss most about living abroad and more specifically living in Milan.

 1. Parlare Italiano.

Getting forced to step out of the comfort zone of speaking your own language is so important if you want to improve your language skills. Which for a Dutch speaking person like myself is very important since no one speaks Dutch. I got a medium level in Italian and my English and French got a much needed fresh up.

Fantastico! I also got the Italian habit of gesticulating A LOT while speaking. Can be a bit annoying!


2. Big city love

Although I love my current location Ghent, you can’t call it a metropolis. Milan is certainly not the prettiest city, to take photos Rome or Florence are a way better option, but it’s alive! Aperitivo (after work cocktails with unlimited food aka the best thing ever!), cheap cappuccino on every corner (damn you Starbucks!) and outdoor clubbing, I miss it so much!

 3. No stress

I also miss the time to do all of the above. Unfortunately my masters course here is ten times the workload of my final bachelor year in Italy. Piano piano! I also suspect many of the professors on going easier on Erasmus students. Not complaining though.

4. I ragazzi!

Also: I saw the pope. Just saying.

More than coffee or easy grades I miss my big happy bunch of international friends. My messy Italian roommates, fellow Erasmus friends and one special English friend. Trust me everything is easier when you live all together in one city!

I would like to end with a Nike slogan. To everyone out there who isn’t sure about going abroad for an internship, study exchange or work: JUST DO IT! You’ll learn so much and in 95% of the time have the best time ever!  And trust me the things at home won’t run away.




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