Even though so far I’ve only read one book by Haruki Murakami, I’ve called this blog part one because after reading my first Murakami novel the rest of his bibliography automatically landed on top of my reading list.


Let’s start off with a quote:

“The kind of guy, by the looks of him, for whom nothing goes right. A veritable specimen of the type- dredged up from an overnight soak in thin blue ink, soul stained by misfortune, failure, defeat. You’d want to put him in a glass case and cart him to your science class: Homo nihilsuccessus.

Dance, Dance, Dance. That’s the title of the book and also a good description of the story. It’s all about the main character, a 30 something freelance writer, who’s trying to get excited about life again after a period of living on automatic pilot. The rest of the cast consists of an uptight hotel receptionist, an apathetic/psychic teenager, a sheep man (I know, I still don’t exactly now what to make of him), a handsome movie star type casted as a dentist and a one-armed poet.

After 3,5 years of uninspired writing to order or what he calls ‘shoveling cultural snow’ the nameless main character decides it’s time to make some changes in his life. While meeting this strange collection of characters our protagonist tries to connect the dots between almost everything that surrounds him, because he is convinced that when he finds the connections it will all make sense. But in the end he finds out it isn’t  that complicated. Like the Sheep Man says: “Dance. You gotta dance. As long as the music plays. You gotta dance. Don’t even think why.”

Like my description the story is quite abstract: part murder mystery, part boy meets girl but mostly an amazingly written surrealistic trip that will leave you with a smile on your face when you finish it.

So all I can say is read it and




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