Hello there , dear blahers! I know I’ve been absent for a while, I’ve been pretty consumed by school and my internship (on which I’ll elaborate in another post). And yes, I also know it’s Monday, don’t judge.

This week I’ll tell you about what I’ve been loving TV wise lately. With lately I mean before my internship started, I don’t really have time to obsess about television-series at the moment, true story!

Let’s start of with a guilty pleasure: Brothers and Sisters. Very American, very ‘soapy’ but also deliciously entertaining. The series evolves around the Walkers a family of 5 brothers and sisters (yes, exactly) and their mum and uncle. The family is tightly glued together by a family business and a love for gossip (especially through group calls). Two things I can relate to. Genre wise I would say it is a dramedy. The drama part varies between relationship troubles, financial problems and illness, not very original but I have to admit I’ve had to blink away a tear every now and then. The comedy routine is always the same but very funny nevertheless: secrets in the style of “don’t tell anyone but…” get passed around and lead to hilarious situations usually during family dinners.

Sarah Lund in The Killing III




During the Christmas holidays I got  (very) into ANOTHER Scandinavian series: The Killing. As in my other favourite Danish series Borgen there is a strong female lead, political intrigues and a lot of suspense. I think it’s cool that unlike regular murder mysteries they take a season to solve just one murder. This allows you to spend more time with the characters and get to know them better. Maybe the first season was a little bit too long with its 20 episodes, but for the second and third season they cut back to 10 episodes which was perfect. I would say that if you like long, complicated storylines and handsome, serious Danes this is for you!

This video bring me to an all time favourite: Ab Fab sweety darling. I haven’t seen the new episodes but I can’t wait to get into those and cry with laughter. Those two fashion victims/ alcoholics/ nicotine addicts never get boring. After all who doesn’t love a ‘liquid lunch’ with Patsy and Eddy? joanna_lumley_abfab


2 thoughts on “TV TALK

  1. The killiiiiing! Zit nog altijd aan het einde van seizoen twee; met de mama kijken, en aangezien ik al lang niet meer thuis geweest ben 🙂 can’t wait to see the murder solved 😮

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