A couple of weeks ago I baked some brownies for a brunch at my mum’s B&B, and if I may say so myself they turned out rather nicely. I based my cooking adventure on this recipe here, but changed up the ingredients a bit. This is what I used

  • -300 grams of dark chocolate
  • -250 grams of butter
  • – 180 grams of sugar (I used less sugar than in the original recipe because I prefer brownies to taste straight up chocolate-y)
  • – 200 grams of plain flower
  • 5 whole eggs
  • – Two handfuls of walnuts (the original recipe recommended pecan nuts, but we only had walnuts in the house and I decided to work with what we had and in the end it tasted fine)
  • – Teaspoon of baking soda (same story as above baking powder is probably better, but hey)

Apart from changing up the ingredients a bit I followed the recipe, so if you happen to be in a browning-baking kind of mood I suggest you look at Mr. Levi Root’s recipe on the fantastic BBC food website.


While I was melting the chocolate and butter I could perfectly imagine it after eating a brownie going straight into my bloodstream and ending its journey on my thighs. Luckily as I said above, the product of my baking was meant for the guests of the B&B so the caloric damage got limited to a few leftover bits.



Speaking about getting in shape (I wasn’t really speaking about that, but I’m sure you can follow my train of thought!) this week I’ve tried to revitalize my fitness regime after a few weeks of too much couch potato-action. Today I even ran outside (for the first time in ages). Even though it’s technically spring, the Belgian weather hasn’t quite caught up yet (the last snow day was sadly enough not that long ago). If however the temperature decides to suddenly rise, one must be ready to brave the world in a skirt without flattering black tights. In other words: more running, less brownies (HOW SAD!).


Yesterday I finished my last shift as an intern-journalist for a news website. HURRAY, no more working for free! I’ve talked about my experiences as an intern in a previous post so if you are interested in what it’s like to work for a news website you can read my thoughts on that here. I might be able to do my internship as a summer job after I graduate, (and actually get paid!), but nothing has been decided yet so for now I’ll try not to get my hopes up too much. With my internship being finished and no more classes to attend, all that is left for me to do in the next couple of months is write up my internship report and thesis (no biggie). This means that my schedule is once again entirely mine to plan, which is really cool but it also means I’ll depend entirely on my own self-discipline. We’ll see how that goes!

Reading Report

Lastly I’ve also finished a book this week. ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coehlo. I’ve read it before a couple of years ago and loved it back then, but I think I enjoyed it even more this time. It’s a really simple story of a boy following his heart and figuring out some important things about life along the way. It’s definitely a philosophical book where the idea behind the story is more important than the actual plot. On the back cover of the book some critic makes the comparison with ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de SaintExupery and I agree, the spirit of the story is quite similar. I love ‘The Alchemist’ mostly because it’s beautifully written and it gives me a ‘OH YEAH I CAN TAKE ON THE WORLD’-feeling. If you ever feel unhappy with what’s going on in your life but you don’t have the guts to change it I strongly suggest reading this book. It’s far more inspiring than any self-help book (are they really inspiring to anyone?).

Goodbye dear readers, thank you for passing by and see you next Sunday!



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