This Sunday I wish I was sitting here:


Instead of here:


But ALAS, no such luck for me today! I have a meeting with my professor about my thesis tomorrow and I need to be able to show him some results. Therefore I have nothing remotely interesting to report to the web today. After my appointment however me and some of my friends are driving to Amsterdam to witness the last Queens Day on Tuesday.

It should look a bit like this:

Afbeelding 1

I can’t wait to be part of the orange madness, and tell YOU all about it. When you look at it as an outsider it seems like or neighbours in the North completely lose their minds every time a) Their football team gets to the final rounds of an international tournament. b) It’s their Queen’s birthday. Let’s see if it’s really as crazy as it seems!

Last but not least this song has been on repeat during my academic activities:

Anyone else find it as addictive?

It’s back to the books for me now, Happy Sunday!


One thought on “UPDATE #3: THESIS SUNDAY

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