You might know this from reading this previous whiny post, but if not I’ll tell you again: I’m writing my masters thesis. Apart from that I don’t have any classes to attend or exams to study for. What this means is that I now have an infinite sea of time in front of me that is mine to use as I will. I’ve been reasonably good spending a good few hours in the library, but there has been one big temptation lurking around the corner: the vast amount of good series I haven’t seen yet.

I’ve caved twice and tried a new TV show after recommendations from friends in the past few weeks and subsequently watched all the episodes.

It went a bit like this:

Luckily for me (and mostly my thesis) I chose The Newsroom (which only has one season so far) and Suits (2 seasons), so the damage was relatively limited. Enough about my lack of self-discipline let me tell you why I think these shows are so great!

The Newsroom


If you are a journalism student you have to watch this. Even though the reality is probably much more boring, after watching this show you’ll think you are working towards the most exciting profession in the world.

The story is set in the newsroom (I know, you didn’t expect that!) of an American news channel. It’s all about getting the right guests on the show and being the first to break the news. You can almost feel the character’s fictional adrenaline rush through the screen. The cool thing is that the news items are real events such as the explosion of BP’s Deepwater Horizon.

If journalism doesn’t make you feel very enthusiastic there are still the office romances to entertain you. You can cheer on your favourite couple that seems to keep finding new reasons not to be together. Drama!



The story starts when Mike, a guy with a photographic memory that takes law exams for other people but hasn’t managed to go to law school himself “accidentally” stumbles into an interview for a prestigious New York corporate law firm. And you could never guess it: the hotshot (and hot) lawyer Harvey, hires boy genius.

You see Mike trying to prove himself and do everything to help Harvey win his cases (A very entertaining bromance to watch!), but also questioning himself about how far he is willing to go to win. All the characters in the show are well written, even the evil ones still have something likeable about them, and the conversations are fun and witty. Again there are some interesting office romances and at least as much office backstabbing.

If you have more important things you might not want to start watching these shows because they are rather addictive. If you do start: enjoy!



  1. Mike & Harvey ❤ (when are they going to make out? please let this happen, haha). Ok, you convinced me: I'll watch The Tewsroom.
    Have you seen Shameless (the US version)? If you haven't: do it!

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