It has been such a long time since I updated this blog that I’m not even going to make an attempt at coming up with an excuse. Instead I shall tell you about all the things I HAVE been doing whilst not being the ever dedicated blogger I usually am (ahem).

The most time consuming activity has without a doubt been finishing off my masters thesis. I’m sure I will only feel the same sense of relief I felt when handing in that sucker  after giving birth to my future children. Spending most of what was probably Belgium’s most sunny month of July inside behind my laptop felt a bit like this:

But hey, now the only obstacle inbetween me and my very own piece of university paper is presenting my masterpiece in front of my professor (and passing of course).


Not only have I been a diligent student in July, I also worked my first three weeks as a paid journalist. I was lucky enough to be taken on as an web journalist for the online newspaper I did my internship at for the months of July and September. Great success!


I’m sure it means I’m a bit materialistic but actually getting paid for what you are doing is so much more motivating. If I can avoid it I’ll never do aninternship, aka modern day slavery for the young and naive, again!

And finally in August I’m working a very, very boring, but fortunately decently paid, student job at a distribution center. At least it means extra money for my little (hopefully soon BIG) piggy bank with my savings for the South American adventures. Eyes on the prize! I’m going to start looking for things to do and places to visit while travelling now that I have some more time. If any of you now some good travel blogs/websites for Latin American, please do let me know!

That’s all for now, see you soon for weeks and weeks of consistent blogging!


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