I’ve been doing an attempt at getting a bit into shape these last couple of weeks as several months of sedentary thesis writing haven’t done my love handles much good. I by no means am going to pretend that I am some kind of expert on nutrition or exercise. I will however share with you the people who seem to know what they are talking about I have found online in my search of fitness and food inspiration.

Fitness Blender

This is my most recent discovery and my current favourite when it comes to exercise. Trainers and couple Daniel and Kelli have a ginormous catalogue of YouTube exercise videos. They cover every area in your body, from your shoulders to your calves. I downloaded the 8 week program which tells you which exercises you should do on which days. Ideally they want you to work quite hard with 30 mins to an hour of exercise 5 days a week for the first month of the program and 6 times a week for the second month. I have to admit I haven’t stayed on track perfectly, but if I miss a day because I’m busy or just really lazy I simply start again where I left off. I think I like these videos the best of all the YouTube fitness people I watch because they don’t look so overly enthusiastic all the time as most of others do (their smiles scare me sometimes). Their videos are also hard but not impossible, I think they’ve got it just right. I’m quite happy with the progress I have made so far. I can’t see a big difference on the scale but I’ve definitely toned up a tiny bit. Baby steps. The program cost about 7 dollars I think, but it’s not really necessary,. You can also just watch all their vids for free. I just bought it to motivate myself a bit more.

Tone It Up

Karena and Katrina (I still don’t really believe these can be their real names. I mean, really?) are the faces of Tone it Up, a fitness blog and YouTube channel. I use this blog mostly for the free recipes they put up and the occasional work out video. They also have a community on their blog where people can check in and keep each other accountable. So this would be good for people out there who want some online work out buddies. K & K also do a nutrition program in the form of an e-book. This costs a whopping 150 dollars though, and I’m not ready to spend that kind of money on a load of smoothie recipes that you have to print out yourself. But who knows, maybe I’m missing out!

Rabbit food for my bunny teeth

Rabbit food for my bunny teeth is first of all the best name for a healthy food blog in my humble opinion, but on top of that it has loads of great simple and healthy recipes to choose from. What I also really like about this one is that, unlike a lot of American food blogs, you don’t need many complicated ingredients you can only find in Whole Foods (sadly we don’t have Whole Foods where I live). This blog is really good for when you are stuck for food inspiration and don’t want to spend two hours labouring in the kitchen either.

These banana roll-ups are so good! (Credit:

These banana roll-ups are so good! (Credit:


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