1374750_10151845745044043_1494233210_nAs you have probably noticed dear observant reader, today is not a Sunday, which means this week I’ve missed the weekly deadline I set myself. The reason for this is a pretty hectic past week and a half. Last Tuesday I could finally don the black synthetic gown and hat that mark the transition from student life into ‘grownuphood’.

Photographic proof

Photographic proof

Apart from saying farewell to my life as a headlong student and my beloved city of Ghent I also spent last week working full time and packing up my most precious worldly possessions to move abroad (again). I moved to England this Sunday to be reunited with the boyfriend (who I met last time I was living abroad) and finally put an end to being a frequent traveller on the Eurostar. As you can probably imagine the process of moving entails quite a bit of stress (of which a not insignificant part was caused by heartbreaking choices such as which pairs of shoes to take along with me) so I neglected the blog a bit. I am sure you can find the kindness in your heart to forgive me for my slip-up and we will meet again on Sunday!


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