Ciao! I am writing from the land of the Vespa, gelato and the ever presence of sunglasses. Even on the metro. Under the ground.

20130929-170724.jpg I am tallking about Italy of course. Me and the boyfriend decided to take a trip through memory lane and are spending this weekend in the city that was our home for a year, Milan. I must admit that even driving into the city on the bus from the airport was quite emotional. So much nostalgia! We’ve already enjoyed the view of the park while sipping on a strong cocktail accompanied by some tasty food from the complementary unlimited buffet ( oh aperitivo how I have missed you!), had a delicious gelato (yoghurt flavour, yum), took some touristy snaps at Duomo and did a bit of shopping. Surprisingly most of the shopping was done by my usually not very shopaholic other half.

20130929-172644.jpg We are spending tonight in the Navigli district, my former hood. When we walk past my old apartment I might just cry. Tomorrow’s program will consist of more walking around, more reminiscing and unfortunately a flight back to rainy grey England.



  1. Nice observations! I recently realised I’ve been living in Rome too long when I went a whole 6 stops on the metro before remembering to take off my sunglasses!

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