I am writing to you, dear reader, snuggled up under my duvet wearing  a mixture of normal clothes and sleeping attire (i.e. pyjamas). Nothing exceptional you may say, it is a Sunday after all, so lazing around in loungewear is a pretty standard activity. And of course you would be right, but I could be dressed like this any day of the week, any time of the day.

Welcome to my office.

Welcome to my office.

That is because (as you may already know after reading last week’s post in which I wrote (or moaned) about the frustrations of job hunting)  I am unemployed. Although that isn’t technically true anymore; I am happy to announce that I found a temporary job in retail (OH YES I can finally tap into that passion for retail of mine), starting in two weeks. The strange thing is that the prospect of having a job has finally allowed me to appreciate the fact that I have absolutely nothing to do. The past two weeks I’ve tried so hard to make running errands and applying for jobs into a full-time occupation to make myself feel productive that I couldn’t truly enjoy just bumming around. But OH how I can rejoice in it now!

One perk of not having a job, for example, is that you can go to the cinema on a random Tuesday afternoon. Just like that. My film of choice? Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen with the beautiful Cate Blanchett. Basic story: fallen New York socialite Jasmine flees to her less fortunate sister in San Fransisco in an attempt to reinvent herself and start a new life.Blue JasminaAnd I was very happy with my choice. The characters were very well developed and made you want to find out even more about them. I thought the story, although not very fast-paced or action-packed, was very interesting; I won’t go into it too much, in case you’d like to go see the film for yourself. I must say that the vestimentary choices of main character Jasmine were also a big bonus for me (so. much. Chanel.)

I undertook another little, less spontaneous (as in I bought the tickets 4 months ago), trip this weekend to see Jay Z in the O2 in London. It was a birthday surprise for the boyfriend, but I loved the show equally as much. I can’t really describe it in a more eloquent manner than “Jay Z is just so cool”. Before going to the concert we enjoyed a tasty lunch at Borough Market, which I can highly recommend anyone visiting London, although perhaps not on a Saturday. Selecting your lunch of choice from the various food stalls is slightly hindered by the fact that because of the vast crowd you have to stand on your toes (and I’m quite tall) and stretch out your neck to get a glimps of what is being cooked.

Finally, this week I also did what everyone does with too much time on their hands: binge series viewing. I finally followed the recommendation a friend gave me a long time ago and started watching How To Make It In America. Three days later I’ve almost finished the second and currently last season, so it’s needless to say that I quite like it. The series tells the story of two young guys trying to start up a fashion label in New York. I mostly like it because it shows you what life as a cool, young New Yorker is like. Don’t worry, I’m fully aware that it’s probably a pretty romanticized image and that a true New Yorker might say it’s nothing like the real deal, but since I’m a European that’s only been in New York once that doesn’t really bother me. The episodes are also conveniently short (25-30 mins), so you can be easily tempted to watch a second (or third, or fourth…) episode.

Edit: I just found out that How To Make It In America got canned after two seasons. What a sad day.



  1. I like your blog – I just did a search for ‘Unemployment’ on WordPress, and am kind-of-amused, kind-of-depressed that most of the blogs on the subject are written by journalist/media types. I guess it makes sense, as we might be more likely to communicate given what our ambitions and passions are, but wow… we chose a bad industry to be interested in, haha! Well done on the retail job – I’m applying for some of those too right now…

    • Thanks! Haha, I guess you are right there. Also just bad timing to be looking for a job I guess. But I’m just trying to save up some money to go travelling. Who knows, maybe it wil aaaaaall be better when I get back haha.

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