I mentioned in a post from a few weeks ago that I had managed to find myself a temporary job in retail after the big move to England and that I was truly enjoying my last days of unemployement. Those days of just bumming around have been over since last Thursday: my first day of work. On Thursday and Friday me and some fellow newbies went trough the introduction/training process, which mostly consisted of watching endless amounts of corporate dvds with very Captain Obvious-esque information (“The customer doesn’t like to be ignored” OH REALLY?)

After those two days of fire, health and safety instructions, role play and more such HR shenanigans I was deemed ready to start my actual job the day after. That day being Saturday. (working on the weekend is one of the lesser fun aspects of working in retail, especially when you need to get up ridiculously early.)  My job being: moving stuff. Let me explain: I’m not actually a shop assistant, I work backstage onloading lorries, getting rid of rubbish, sorting out stock and all that fun stuff. I also have to wear a uniform, of which the sleeves and trousers are slightly too short, I guess I’m a bit taller than the average English gal. AND I wear safety shoes. A very glamorous job indeed!

Ouch. After almost missing my train I changed it to 04h37, it's all about the nuance.

Ouch. After almost missing my train on my first day I changed it to 04h37, it’s all about the nuance.

 Even though it might not be the most glamorous or challenging of jobs it’s not all bad, they keep you busy all day so the time passes pretty quickly. The other people working there are very friendly as well, which is nice. About that: I’ve noticed that people in England love to say either “thank you” or “sorry” all. the. time. When in doubt, I just say both. All in all this is the perfect job for me at the moment since I still don’t really know what I want to do as a “real job” anyway and it makes me a little travel money. I’ll have to get used to the feeling in my legs (or lack thereof) a “hard day’s work” causes though.



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