As I wrote in last week’s post I’ve spent the past weekend with friends who live in Edinburgh. I’ve visited Edinburgh two years ago, so the fact that it is beautiful didn’t come as a surprise to me, but having a walk around the city was really nice nonetheless. I forgot to take any pictures of the sightseeing we did though, except one of the pretty pink sky at the castle which I will insert here.


Apart from the usual strolling around one does on a citytrip and a tiny bit of shopping (going into shops was kept to a minimum because of A. Very restricted budget due to future travel plans and B. It was the third to last Saturday before Christmas. Enough said) we also went somewhere a bit outside of my comfort zone. That somewhere was a casino. At dinner the topic of gambling came up for some reason, and apparently the boyfriend nor me had ever tried our luck in a casino, so it was decided that this was the night to take both of our gambling virginities. I didn’t take any pictures of this either, so forgive me for the lack of visual stimulation in this blogpost (note to self: take more photos when you are on holiday.).

It very quickly became clear to me that the casino isn’t exactly my natural habitat. As soon as I walked in I felt pretty stressed (bear in mind that at that point I hadn’t even exchanged any money for chips) and the rest of the crowd didn’t exactly make me feel more at ease. Once I did start playing I slowly, but surely lost all the money I had exchanged for chips. Even though I’d set myself a budget of money I was ‘willing to lose’ and didn’t spend any more, it still felt pretty damn shitty when it was actually gone. All in all the whole experience made me want to go outside, buy a pack of cigarettes and smoke one after the other to destress, which fortunately I didn’t (more money, less cancer), but at least at I gave it a go and, as they say, #yolo and all that.


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