Surfing HuanchacoSo it has been quite a while since anything new appeared here on The Sunday Blah. Almost two months to be (a little more) precise. Our previous travel report ended in Arequipa and it has been quite some time since we left there. Even worse, I am writing this blogpost from a comfortable position in my sofa at home. In good old Belgium. Yes it is sad but true, dear reader, our travels have come to an end and in the last two months of it we have been very lazy with the internet writings. Since only CV updating and cover letter writing await me now, I am sure I’ll easily find the time to get you up to speed.

So let’s start where we left of, shall we? Peru. Arequipa.

After our tiring adventures in the Colca Canyon we decided to stay in Arequipa for one more night to get some sleep, because we didn’t feel up for another 16 hour night bus straight away. The next day we did actually pack our bags and headed for a long journey to Lima. We were feeling quite pleased with ourselves because we managed to book a promo deal on Cruz del Sur (the slightly more luxurious bus company that is twice as expensive as any other bus company) and get two tickets at half price, which meant they were actually affordable. Fun fact: we only managed to find this deal on the Spanish version of the site, when you decided to browse in English it miraculously disappeared. I can only imagine how much trouble a company would get it if they would do that back home.

A handsome fella in the 'cat park' in Lima.

A handsome fella in the ‘cat park’ in Lima.

In Lima I have to be honest and say we really didn’t get up to a lot. We stayed in Miraflores a very westernized part of town and spent most of our days eating delicious ceviche  and overpriced frozen yoghurt. Yum. We didn’t even visit the historic centre. Shame on us. We did however visit Kennedy Park, a park filled with over a hundred cats, a few times so I could get my cat cuddling fix. 

After 3 days in Lima we booked another discounted bus trip and headed over to Huanchaco, a small surf town near the city of Trujillo.

Traditional rafts on the beach of Huanchaco.

Traditional rafts on the beach of Huanchaco.

Surf town means surfing of course, so we decided to give it a go for the very first time. We took a 2 hour surf class to learn the basics and were pretty destroyed afterwards. Reaching for anything above shoulder hight was near impossible for a day or two. The next few days we decided to just hire out a board on or own and make the best of it. Let’s just say that for 4 days a lot of ocean water was swallowed, calves were burnt and feet were cut. Oh and cheap mojitos were consumed! Even though we weren’t very good at it, we had a lot of fun trying. Oh and me and our friend Rob were asked to pose with a few Peruvian families for pictures on the beach. If only they knew how bad the ‘surfers’ were they have in their photo albums.

We also did a little cultural excursion to the adobe city of Chan Chan, which was very interesting thanks to our lovely guide. If there is one thing I have learned from visiting ruins it is that you shouldn’t try to save money by not taking a guide. Without a guide most ruins are just piles of old stones, or in this case old sand, that don’t really say much without knowing their history.


Matt about 1.2 milliseconds before he falls off into the ocean.

Matt about 1.2 milliseconds before he falls off for the 100th time.

Chan Chan

After our relaxing days in Huanchaco we decided to leave Peru behind us and venture into Ecuador. We had to take a bus to Trujillo, find the right terminal, which was very easy since all the locals were trying to make sure the only gringo’s on the bus made it to their destination, change and take a bus to Piura. In Piura we had to change terminals again and because we didn’t have much time until our next bus we had to trust a dodgy looking taxi driver, who in reality was honest and really nice, to take us to the other terminal. There we got on a very cramped bus to Loja (in Ecuador), where we arrived at 6am after crossing the very empty Peru-Ecuador border at 3am, which was a bit of a surrealistic experience. Our 11 days in Ecuador where a bit rushed but very interesting nonetheless and I will tell you all about it next time. Hasta luego!


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