Poached egg, avocado and spicy feta salad.

I love a good salad. I’m not the biggest fan of bread so I like to switch up the standard sandwich lunch with a little green variation. I came up with this poached egg, feta and avocado version and I found it rather tasty, so I thought I should share.



All you need for this (at least semi) healthy meal is some green leaves, I chose some corn salad, but baby spinach or other crispy greens would do as well, an egg, half an avocado, some feta (there is quite a lot in the picture, you probably won’t need that much, unless you are a feta lover of course), halloumi would do nicely as well, and some spring onions. I didn’t put in any cucumber this time, but I have before and it can be a nice and fresh addition to the mix. I spice up the feta with some cayenne pepper and paprika powder. For the dressing I kept it really simple and just sprinkled some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper on top. You’ll also need that vinegar to poach the egg.


First step is letting the oven warm up to 180°C, in the mean time you can chop up your spring onions and avocado and season the feta. Just put the cheese into a small oven dish and put a little bit of olive oil, paprika powder and cayenne pepper on top. Add more cayenne if you like things on the hotter side.Spicy feta

When the oven is hot, put in the feta cubes. While the feta gets warm, soft and juicy, you can poach the egg. I used to find poaching eggs an extremely daunting task in the kitchen and have failed on many occasions (having to start all over again), but nowadays I manage to get pretty consistent and decent results. My method of choice is boiling the water in the kettle first and then putting it in a pot on a really low heat so it stays on the verge of boiling (big steam bubbles can mess things up). I then add in some vinegar and create a little cyclone in the water by swirling my spoon around. When the water is spinning nicely, it’s time to drop in the raw egg and hope for the best. After 3 or 4 minutes you can take the egg out and pop it on top of the green part of your salad. Then get the feta out of the oven and add it to the rest and you are done!

Underneath you can see the result in all it’s delicious glory. Excuse me now, while I go and enjoy my lunch.





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