Figuring out what you want to do with your (professional) life isn’t an easy task for everyone. And I think that is perfectly fine. Now I think I may have finally figured this out for myself (I reserve the right to change my mind at any later point in life). I actually think I even have an answer to the dreaded ‘where do you see yourself in 10 years’ interview question. If I would be applying for the job I really want that is, if I would find myself in an interview for a job that I need to pay the rent but am not particularly enthusiastic about I will return to the telling them exactly what they want to hear strategy (“yes I still see myself having a passion for retail in 10 years”).

But now that I have finally cleared that big question out, I’ve come to a shocking realisation: this is only the start of the real problem. That problem being getting what you want. The horror! If like me, you dream of a job that many others dream of and is sadly quite scarce out there in the real world you’ll know it ain’t easy. You’ll also know that daily rejection is part of the road to great success and eternal happiness and no one likes to be rejected or feel like they’ve failed, but I do think it is important to stick with it even if it takes longer than expected and there might be a few extra hurdles to cross. Hurdles such as the necessity to do some (unpaid, blergh) internships to gain some of that oh so valuable relevant experience that seems as hard to come by as an Hermes Birkin Bag. Or hurdles like finding a job to pay big town rent in the mean time as chasing your dreams in London is slightly harder to do from a small town in the Belgian countryside.

I also think it is important to stick with it, even if you feel like an overenthusiastic idiot that no one wants to listen to. If you aren’t going to promote yourself, no one else will. That’s how I sometimes feel about this blog. It started out as a little project to practice my English writing and it still is something I do because I enjoy it, but when you want people to read your online ramblings you need to tell them about it. A lot. I sometimes feel sorry for my Facebook friends because I constantly bombard them with my personal projects, but then there are plenty of ways to filter those out if they should wish to do so (I won’t hate you if you do, just like you slightly less).

It is important to stick with it even if it seems like no one cares, because just when you ask yourself what’s the point someone useful might be reminded about your existence because you didn’t allow them to ever forget about it.



  1. Love this post! I wholeheartedly agree, if you want to make your mark on the world you need to believe in yourself and keep pushing yourself out there! Great post 🙂

    Hazel Jane xx

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