Looking to score some good karma? Look no further, because I have a favour to ask you. Myself and the sheep would appreciate it very much if you would nominate The Sunday Blah for a Weekend Knack Blog Award. It takes a minimal effort and in return you get my everlasting gratitude! Bargain! You can find the nomination page here. If you aren’t sure which category to put my blog in (I find this quite difficult myself) I would suggest to categorise TSB as a ‘personal blog’, because I think this allows the widest topic variation and also I tend to blab about myself quite a lot on here. While you are at it, I’d also like to cordially invite you to like/follow/whatever The Sunday Blah on Facebook, Twitter & Bloglovin, so you’ll NEVER MISS ANYTHING EVER AGAIN. Because wouldn’t that be horrible?

Favour asking over. Thank you for your attention!


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