boekskes I’m not talking about the interesting albeit not exactly hysterical documentary about Anna Wintour and the making of THE September issue of all September issues here. Instead I will share with you all the shocking (an mostly hilarious) new fashion trends that have caught my eye in all of the September issues. Or at least the ones I’ve read, which are quite a few since I went on holiday where a considerable amount of time was spent by the pool. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a bit of fashion. I can even appreciate some really unwearable outfits as long as they are presented in a pretty pictures, but these few trend suggestions really had me raising my eyebrows.


Let’s start with the funniest beauty trend suggestion of the season (in my opinion). Instead of camouflaging our blue under eye circles or dark eyelids your are supposed to deepen out the body’s own colours. Like a, and yes I am indeed quoting here, “beautiful bruise”. Don’t mind if I don’t.10704933_10152664446619043_1578545468_n


Grey. Every season some colour has to be the new black and for AW14 it is grey. Not blown away with shock and surprise? Me neither, but that’s okay. At least that means I can get my formerly black, washed one too many times skinny jeans back out.


If you have opened at least one fashion magazine these past couple of months you have definitely come accross the term normcore. Normcore or dressing yourself in very minimalistic, normal and maybe a bit boring clothes is apparently the new thing. No more hipstery quirkiness. I don’t have a problem with this trend per se, but I do have a problem with the word normcore. There have always been people dressed like this and I am sure they have never dreamed of defining themselves as being normcore. I mean really, can you think of a more annoying word? Also I don’t think it’s actually that new, I have a feeling I’ve read it before. Circa 2011 maybe? So whichever marketing boy or girl thought it was about time to dust off normcore and sell it as being the new thing: no, just no.


A bacial is just like a facial, but a slightly lower area. Yes, apparently now we also need to start worrying about grooming our bums. According to Belgian Elle it’s already a trend in England, which I seriously doubt and if it is true I can’t see it lasting for long. At least I hope not.


Karl did it, Moschino did it, funny little bags that look like items you could pick up at the supermarket (Chanel milk bottle anyone?) or at McDonalds. Except the price tag is slightly different. If you have all the money in the world and you’ve run out of inspiration what to spend it on, this might be for you. Although I would still suggest not to. 10711393_10152664403024043_823261436_n So there you have it, my personal selection of comedy from the glossy pages of this September’s fashion magazines. And if you happen to have a bacial, please let me know what it’s like?


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