The hectic house hunting day was mostly spent here.

The most stressful hour of my life took place when I was flying from Milan (where I was studying at the time) to Brussels to join my family on a holiday to Egypt and I thought I’d left my passport in my apartment. The little booklet you need for out of Europe travel, not my ID card I’d used to check in onto the flight (in case you were thinking “hey, but how did you get on the plane in the first place?”).

It consisted of palpitations, stress sweats and pretty much an hour and a half long panick attack until I pulled my checked in luggage of the conveyer belt, flipped it open and started throwing stuff out of it like a mad person until I found my passport. People were staring. No need to act out any of the 47 emergency plans I had thought up on the flight.

That was that.

Now onto the most stressful day. It might not actually have been the most stressful day of my life, I don’t exactly keep a log, but it was pretty hectic. Where did this nervousness come from? House hunting! Or apartment hunting, all equally horrible. Especially when you are looking for a place to live in London. The city where an affordable place simply isn’t an option, especially not anywhere near the centre, which is even more frustrating when I think about how llittle me and my housemates paid for our apartment with ballroom sized living room in the centre of Ghent (admittedly not quite the metropolis). That being said, we want to live in London (it has been on my personal bucket list since I was about 12) regardless of the fact that quite a few people want that, which is why it is so damn expensive.

We, but mostly me since Matt was at work and I had to do most of the house hunting, soon found out that finding a place to live in London is survival of the quickest. The first step, going for a viewing, is already a challenge. It happened several times that we called up an agency about a listing only a few hours after it had come online and it had already gone. People must just take something without going to have a look at it, which is something I’m not comfortable with especially since it’s never like in the pictures. In the end I managed to book a few viewings in one day. They were all in different areas of the city, since we’re trying to be quite flexible about the location, so I basically spent most of my day on the tube and running to and from it, whilst calling and updating Matt. Most of the day was actually a waste, since I already knew after the first viewing that I wanted that one (Little Britain fans, you know in which voice you need to read that).

We’ve handed in the paperwork, in which you pretty much have to provide your life history’s worth of information and a ton of references, to prove that you can actually afford the place. I’m sure they were tempted to ask for a blood sample as well. I actually ran to the agency because there was a woman walking towards it with a stack of papers in her hand as well and I wanted to be in there first. She walked past it, I felt like an idiot. And now we wait. Until Monday, when we hear back about it. Fingers crossed! A little bit of chanting on your part would be most appreciated!

Do you have any house hunting stories? If so, do tell!





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