Hello there internet world! I have decided to have a weekly bout of positivism on The Sunday Blah and you are currently reading it’s first installment. The concept is very simple, once a week (I have decided on Tuesday as this is such a boring day and can use a little positive energy), I’ll post a picture of a happy moment that took place in the previous week.

In this week’s picture you can see two pictures of myself and Matt (couplies if you will, but it’d rather if you wouldn’t). You will probably also be able to tell that Matt doesn’t suffer selfies gladly, so in the spirit of if you can’t beat them join them I copied his lovely expression in the second one. Why was this a happy moment? Taking a selfie with someone requires being in the same space and time and for the past week this was the case, which it isn’t always since we have to do the long distance thing for a little bit longer. Don’t worry there won’t be a ridiculously annoying stream of couplies once we move in together. I will stop using the ridiculously annoying word couplies as well. Starting now.


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