Today is the 25th of September, which means there is no more denying it: Summer is over. However sad I may find this, there’s nothing I can do about it, so one must adapt (brave face). I can get my boots back out and start wearing scarves and cosy jumpers, so it’s not all rain and soggy leaves. I’ve also changed up my make-up quite a bit, on the days that I can be bothered to put something on my face that is, so I though I could share what I’ve been smearing on my face to get into the Autumn spirit.

I’m still wearing the Rimmel True Match foundation in 200 soft beige that I have been wearing all Summer, but I’ll probably have to go a shade lighter once the lack of sunlight really starts having an impact. I pair this with the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer in the shade 52, and use the Healthy Balance Powder (also by Bourjois) to powder down the shiny zones.

For the eyes I use Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze which I apply with my fingers as a base for the shimmery burgundy shade from the Laura Mercier Colour-to-Go palette. I apply this shadow with a fluffy brush and just sweep back and forth across my eyelid until it’s blended out (not exactly a professional technique, but it works).

Then I just put on some mascara and use the bronzer and blush from the same Laura Mercier palette. I like to apply quite a generous amount of blush in Autumn and Winter when my face starts getting pale to avoid the worried ‘are you tired’ or ‘are you ill’ questions which in reality translate as ‘wow, you look rough’. I also wore a matte nude lipstick from Kiko, but I have no idea which shade this is in as I have had it for ages and the writing has rubbed off completely.

There you have it: my Autumn face, feel free to let me know what your face looks like in these colder and darker months.



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