Schermafbeelding 2014-09-29 om 16.46.14


This world map makes me quite happy. It’s not just any world map you see. It’s a map showing all the countries from where people have visited my blog.

The darker the colour, the more page views from that particular place. Can you see that incredibly tiny red dot in the west of Europe? That’s good old Belgium. My nomadic ways have also given me the pleasure of meeting some very nice people from countries all over the world, so I can often guess who’s paying me a visit depending on which country the stats are coming from. I also have friends from Belgium who have moved to Chile, are studying in the US or have done an internship in India (they have the tendency to be quite adventurous as well, you see), which have added some exotic destinations to the map. My cousin is currently studying in India and making videos about it by the way, go check it out!

People from Namibia, The Cayman Islands, Iraq and Puerto Rico for example have also stumbled across my blog at some point of its existence, which I can’t contribute as easily to travelling friends and that really excites me. This map makes the world look like such a small place (and Belgium even smaller), and I love that!


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