As you know, I talk about myself quite a lot in this little corner of the internet. In the end it is my little corner of the internet so: sorry, not sorry, but today is different. Today I’m talking about some lovely internet humans I have discovered on my explorations through the blogosphere. I didn’t use to read many blogs at all, but since my recent renewed interest in blogging I have been browsing through a lot of internet musings and I will share my favourite ones with you. You’re welcome. 


Let’s start with my favouritest of the favourites, Superlatively Rude by Laura Jane Williams. Laura, 28 and an aspirational writer (I hope/think I got that right), writes about herself and life(lessons) in the most hilarious of ways. The less perfect stories get told as well, which makes it really easy to relate. She’s not trying to show off her greenest grass. For people who are nosey and like to read about the personal lives of complete strangers. Also for people who like funny.


A fashion/lifestyle blog with pretty pictures to look at, but also great copy to go with them. Fashion blogs are not my usual choice of blog reading, but I love this particular one because Megs (the blogger) seems like such a real and likeable person. She is incredibly beautiful like most fashion bloggers, but in a nice way (does that even make sense?). She also has ridiculously good hair. She and the Miss Ridiculously Rude are friends and make the occasional YouTube video together as well in which they are their charming selves.


My guilty pleasure of all guilty pleasures is reading beauty blogs and watching people talk about makeup on YouTube. My vice of choice is usually VivianneDoesMakeup. Anna updates her blog everyday with articles on skincare, easy daytime makeup and the occasional food related post. I don’t know why pretty photos of nicely laid out makeup satisfy me so much, but they do and maybe they’ll work for you too? Reading her blog does make me want to go out and buy lots of expensive makeup with money I don’t have. Not so good.


First of all I find the layout of this blog and the style of pictures very aesthetically pleasing. Apart from that I find her articles on freelance writing and blogging rather interesting (why would that be?) and I think her regular motivational posts are very motivational indeed. They make me want to be a real go-getter, which is always a good thing.

There you have it: 4 ladies who’s internet babies I think are worth a visit. I seem to come across far less blogs written by men (which is probably because of my topics of choice), but if you are a guy with an awesome blog, feel free to tell me about it! (Girlblogs are very welcome as well).


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