Happymomenttuesday #3

Really attentive readers may have noticed that there was no ‘Happy Moment Tuesday’ to read last Tuesday. That was because on that Tuesday I was too busy sitting on the Megabus from Brussels to London and letting my hair and face get greasy in the process. I have been living in London for exactly a week now and since I don’t have a time absorbing career to worry about just yet, I’ve been using that free time to act like the tourist I am.

(I wouldn’t dream of calling myself a Londoner before I have lived here for at least a year. Just imagine if a real Londoner would hear.)

Sightseeing in a city you know you’ll be living in for the foreseeable future is so much fun. That’s why these touristy snaps are my Happy Moment of the week. Gallivanting around the city has also made me realise even more how BIG London is and how much of it I haven’t seen yet. So much more to explore.

I can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “HAPPY MOMENT TUESDAY #3

  1. Just two days before you posted this I was also doing the tourist thing taking photos of London, a city that I have never lived in but I did work there for a couple of years in my early twenties. Now that two of my sons live there I am sure there will be more opportunities to do the tourist bit. I hope that you will enjoy your time in our capitol.

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