You are witnessing the first mirror-selfie on this blog. You are also witnessing me wearing a blazer, which doesn’t happen very frequently. It doesn’t happen very frequently because I’ve never really worked in a place that required formal dressing. Also shoulder padding makes me feel like a female terminator, which isn’t that nice of a feeling.

What does make me feel good however is the reason for donning this vestimentary choice more often. I don’t have a job (yet! positive thinking, ohmmm), but I’ve managed to secure a few interviews. This is a massive improvement on having to email someone who doesn’t have time for you to ask for some feedback on why “unfortunately you have not been successful on this occasion”.

(And probably not get an answer.)

It’s progress. Progress is good. Progress makes me happy.

On a side note: if you ever plan to move cities/countries make sure you have a local address on your CV, even if you haven’t moved there yet. Ask a friend who lives there to use his/her address or, for the truly bold, just pick one at random. I have gotten so much more response since I’ve put my current London address on my CV, which isn’t that surprising. I’m sure many a recruiter thought: “Yeah Belgian girl, I’m sure you like the idea of living in London, but I really don’t have time to find out if you’re serious about it” and I can’t really blame them for that.

There you go, some positivity distilled from my week, I’ll be back next Tuesday with more. (Unless I make a horrible fool of myself during my interviews, in that case I might opt for feeling sorry for myself instead.)




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