I could hardly believe it when recently a WordPress notification popped up congratulating me on the 2nd birthday of my blog. I can’t say I have been an ever dedicated and prolific blogger throughout those 2 years. For me it only feels like I have been properly blogging for about 2 months, but still.

2 years. A long time to stick to doing something no one is asking for. I think it’s the perfect occasion to write down some of my blogging experiences and thoughts. What I’ve learned in those two years, if you will.

+  There is a whole wide world of interesting Internet people out there.

+  Talking to those people is fun.

  Photography is not my passion, nor my forte. I look at other people’s crisp magazine-like blogging pictures and sigh.

+/Things take time in the blogging world. Patience is key.

–  Closely related to that, it’s sometimes hard not to get jealous of people who have achieved more with their blog in a smaller amount of time. We’re all running our own race (repeats this mantra a few times).

+  Social media are not the enemy. They are obviously very useful for promoting content, but equally so for connecting with people who read your blog and vice versa. Hell, even Twitter can be fun sometimes. And I NEVER thought I would ever say that. To be fair I also thought I’d never own a smartphone, naïve as I am.

  I don’t think I’ll ever be completely happy with the look of my blog. I’ve only redesigned it very recently and already feel like it needs a new makeover. Caused mostly by blogs that have that ‘minimalist chic’-feeling down.

+/–  Closely related to that: expanding my techy and nonexistent web design skills has gotten a very prominent place on my to do list because of blogging.

  Sponsored blog posts still grind my gears as much as ever, especially when the sponsorship isn’t disclosed. But that’s a whole other discussion and I intend to keep it short.

+  Because of my blog I’ve gotten a few opportunities outside of the blogosphere, which I’m very thankful for.

+   The fact that my blog readership is growing continuously and that I have been nominated for a blog award (don’t worry, you can still vote here) excites me greatly. Getting some recognition for you effort is very nice indeed.

Happy birthday to The Sunday Blah. Onto the next one.





  1. This was a lovely post about your last 2 years experience of blogging & FYI I love the style of your blog, it looks great. I hear you though, I don’t think I will be ever happy with my blog either ha!
    In terms of sponsored posts? I’m really intrigued as to why you don’t like them? Is this just when a blogger has been paid to write about it or when bloggers have been sent free items to review etc? Would be interesting to hear your thoughts.
    HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! or whatever people call it.
    Rebecca xxx

    • Hi Rebecca! First of all: thank you! As to sponsored blogposts, I don’t mind it if people get sent PR samples, I think if I did I could never open a fashion or lifestyle magazine ever again. That’s just how it works and I understand that it would be pretty hard to pay for all of that stuff yourself if you’re a smaller blogger (but then again PR agencies tend to favour the more popular bloggers). I just don’t like it when someone has been paid to write a post. I just dislike the blurring of editorial content and advertisement. I think I’ve had one too many journalism ethics class, haha. For me personally writing something I’ve been paid for and then presenting it as editorial content would just feel very wrong. When it’s disclaimed I don’t mind it too much, but when it’s not I think it’s just really unfair towards the readers and in many countries it’s simply illegal.

      I know I’m the minority with this opinion and most people see it as a way to make some money with their blog, but that’s the beauty of the ‘blogosphere’: there’s room for everyone’s opinion.


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