Your bed is your dinner table and your breakfast bar. Your bed is your desk where you make attempts at productivity and your sofa where you sit back and relax. You sleep there too.

This is the consequence of living in a shoebox-sized bedroom and sharing a small house and one shower with 7 strangers.

When you enter that shower you can encounter all sorts of situations. You are surrounded by short and curly black hairs. You fear that these hairs are of the pubic persuasion. You fear that these hairs aren’t yours, since you prefer the Brazilian approach.

The water in that shower rises up to your ankles. You decide to carry out the inherently disgusting, but necessary nonetheless, task of pulling the hair out of the drain. You find some of your own disappointingly thin (blonde) hair in there, but also some beautiful long thick black hair. You wonder what it must be like to have such lovely hair, but mostly you wish that you weren’t holding a stranger’s wet hair. At least the water drains properly now.

You have no idea who the people are you’re living with. What is their story? What interests them and what drives them? You’re annoyed at their dirty dishes in the sink.

At least you have one thing in common. An enemy. You are unified by the dislike of your landlord just like all the other people in the world who rent and share. Together you plan to be so annoying and persistent that he can no longer ignore your demands.

That second shower gets fixed, the weekly cleaner that was stipulated in the contract shows up (however irregularly) and the speed of the Internet picks up. What a successful team!

You start sharing a beer and a cigarette in the evenings. The conversation is no longer dominated by practical issues and scheming against the landlord. There is time to get to know each other a little bit better. You think “hey stranger, I kinda like you, I think maybe we could be friends”.

You already are Facebook friends. That’s a start. 

Maybe the pubic hair and dirty dishes of a friend will be easier to live with. Maybe a friend will be able to accept your dirty dishes and hairs in inconvenient places as well. Let’s find out, shall we?



  1. I love your writing style.

    This makes me think of my own situation – living with four of my best friends, but I still can’t deal with pulling out their hair from the shower!

    • Thank you so much! I think everyone needs to go through a living situation like that. I think it’s a sort of rite of passage, haha. I used to live with two really good friends and that was amazing. This living situation is growing on me though. Bonding with your roommates is so much fun!

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