Park Collage

Another week of unemployment in London has passed. What does one do with oneself with all that free time you may ask? Well, there are plenty of things in London to keep you entertained, but sadly a lot of them require you to open your wallet. As there are currently no new funds coming in, I can’t really justify trying out a new restaurant every night and shop all day (SAD TIMES YOU GUYZ), so let’s talk about the stuff that is free.

Of course there are plenty of amazing free museums in London, but in the past week there have been a few very nice Autumn days. And those days need to be cherished as they are very rare indeed. You Belgians reading this think Belgian weather is bad? Well, you don’t know what consistent truly miserable weather is until you have lived in England.

Anyway I decided to use those days to have a stroll around some of London’s beautiful  parks. On the right side of this collage you have myself and the BF visiting St. James’ park and on the left side are pictures from when I was wandering through Greenwich park all by myself (insert Celine Dion song here). 

This makes me happy because:

1. The pelicans and overfed geese in St. James’ park are hilarious. And I saw a squirrel attacking a crow over a peanut.

2. The wide grass fields of Greenwich park make you feel so much better when you’re just a tad (a lot) hungover.

3. Having a lot of parks in a city makes it a much more pleasant place to live in. Everyone needs to see a living plant every now and then, regardless of how much of a city person you are. When living in Milan this was one of the things I missed most I think as except for Parco Sempione Milan doesn’t really score well in the park department.

Thank you for passing by and the next Happy Moment will be up (you’ll never guess!) next Tuesday.


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