On Friday the Boyfriend and myself headed to the cinema at 22-15 PM, like the young, wild and free individuals we are, to see the premier of Interstellar. This apocalyptic, slightly sci-fi and very much hyped up film did not disappoint. The only word that comes to mind to describe it accurately is experience. It’s an experience, and a pretty intense one at that. Both the visuals and the sound are seriously in your face, so much so that at one point I was worried to forever have a ringing in my ears that would eventually drive me mad.

That did not happen. Is ‘Interstellar’ a blockbuster worth seeing? I think so.

What I did not expect from this action packed movie is that it would trigger a surprisingly philosophical train of thought. The main premise of the movie is that humans have turned the Earth in such an inhabitable place that they either have to leave or die. Not quite that unrealistic, is it?

As humans, and more specifically as a 23 year old human with the illusion of immortality still intact, we seem to think that we have been here forever and will equally be there until eternity. While in reality the history of the human race is insignificantly short in the grand scheme of things. Let alone one individual life span. It’s nothing, except it’s everything we have.

Time is a more important resource than money and our life is the only time we get. Which makes me think: we should better make it count, shouldn’t we?

With make it count I don’t mean you have to be a homeowner, happily married parent of two with an amazing career by the time your thirty. Like this Belgian sociologist said last week, it’s an ideal we’ve stupidly put in our head, which is neither realistic nor necessary.

I do think we should stop wasting our time.

Stop dutifully meeting up with those friends we have outgrown and don’t feel connected to anymore, making up excuses to go home early. Stop worrying about what other people have and we don’t. Stop dreaming of what we would like to do, see and achieve. Let’s go out there and give it a go. Stop aimlessly browsing the internet without actually reading anything (giving myself a particularly stern look here). Read a book, watch a film, go for a walk.

Do something.

Yes this blockbuster has made me think about my own mortality and the time I waste. It had me thinking about the dreams I still want to turn into reality. The things I haven’t ticked off my vague in the back of my mind bucket list.

There is a lot more.

I want to do more. Do more of what makes me happy. It’s a work in progress.



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