Not that kind of girl review

While going to university I lost my enthusiasm for reading ever so slightly. I think the fact that my obligatory activity consisted of reading text books made the prospect of reading for fun seem, well, less fun. But it is back. I’ve really gotten into reading again and I thought I’d share some of my recent favourites with you. I’m also giving away a signed copy of Graham Norton’s new book at the end, so do keep reading.

Slaughterhouse 5

When it comes to books, every so often I find myself thinking it’s about time to read a classic. After all having something to say whilst being surrounded by intellectual literary types is always a good thing. Not that I find myself in this situation very often (or ever), but one can never be too prepared.

When embarking on such an adventure there is always one fear present in the back of my mind. That I won’t get it. The cult status, the overcomplicated language, the meaning you’re supposed to distil from the story. But Slaughterhouse Five just worked for me. It was a surprisingly easy read even though it is a weird book. I realise that ‘weird’ isn’t the most lyrical of adjectives, but that’s what I think it is. It’s surrealistic and satirical and I loved it. The way it represents awful things humans get up to makes you laugh. And then it makes you think.

And sometimes it’s just weird. I mean, you have time travel, aliens and the WWII bombing of Dresden all rolled into one wonderfully strange novel. It’s great fun.

The Stars’ Tennis Balls

I love Stephen Fry. He is one of my all time favourite humans. Great was thus my embarrassment when I had to admit to my mother that I hadn’t read any of his books yet. I consequently decided to take action and took a random item from the Stephen Fry collection on my mum’s bookshelves (and took it to London with me, muhahaha).

I wasn’t disappointed. Mr. Fry is just as funny in print as he is in the flesh. The book explores the depths of human wickedness and English class society. The latter was extra fun for me I think, being an outsider living in England.

I know want to read much, much more from Fry’s bibliography. His newest memoir has a spot high up on my book wish list.

Not That Kind of Girl

 Not That Kind of Girl has either gotten praise or criticism from every person who writes on the internet. I thought I’d let my inner sheep out and do the same. Lena Dunham has been criticised for being narcissistic and self indulgent for publishing a memoir at the gentle age of 28, but when that 28-year-old has written, directed an acted in an award winning TV show and has managed to gather an enormous and dedicated following both off- and online, I’m curious to read what she has to say.

In general I like to read people’s real stories, the good the bad and the ugly. In other words: this was Exactly My Kind of Book.

A lot of her essays really struck a cord with me. Even though Lena comes from a privileged an extraordinary background this average millennial could relate.

Including a food diary in the book may have been a bit over the top, but I can easily forgive her for that as her excellent writing more than makes up for it. I personally can’t wait until Miss Dunham decides to write her second book.

And now for the giveaway

I was lucky enough to win two ticket for the book launch of Graham Norton’s new memoir here in London. Graham Norton, my favouritest of all the chat show hosts, talked about his book, shared some gossip and his bitchy humor and fondness of a bit of passive aggression made me laugh a lot. At the event the Boyfriend and myself also received two signed copies of his book and since mentioned BF seems to have no intention to ever start reading his copy, I’m giving it away to one of you lovely readers out there! To win just send an email to stating why you’d like to win and I will pick a winner by next week. UK residents only. Sorry, too poor for international post!


2 thoughts on “BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS!

  1. Lena is on my list. I’ve read a lot on the Internet about “Bad Feminist” and “Is everyone hanging without me?” too. Unfortunately both because I’m poor and especially because I have a huge pile of classics waiting for me at home I will have to read first what I have.
    If you want a really fun and weird book, I can recommend you “Good Omens” – Neil Gaiman. But believe me, it’s weird 😀

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