Hello Fresh

A few weeks ago I was walking along to the busstop, ever so slightly intoxicated after a catch-up drink with an Erasmus friend (it doesn’t happen very often that we are found in the same geographic location, so it’s an occasion that asks for celebration), when suddenly a promo girl shoved a flyer in my hands. This was no exceptional event, it happens a lot when wandering through the streets of London. After all, a lot of people live here. A lot of people to sell a wide, wild variety of stuff to.

Meetings to finally find your personal connection with Jesus or a new Tupperware set, there are so many things to be promoted.

Usually I accept politely and then chuck the thing in the nearest bin, but this leaflet actually caught my attention. It was a 25 pounds off-voucher on your first ‘Hello Fresh’-box.

Hello Fresh is a weekly subscription service where you get the ingredients for 3 meals with the accompanying recipes.

I like food. I don’t particularly like going to the supermarket and then dragging my week’s supply of food home. It cuts off the blood to my fingers and even on cold December days I get very hot and flustered in the process. It is not very pleasant.

I’m sure you can deduct why Hello Fresh spiked my interest.

A box usually costs a whopping 40 pounds for 3 meals for 2, a little over our modest household budget, but for 15 pounds I thought I’d give it a go.

My mum’s opinion by distance was that it’s a “ridiculous thing for ridiculous city people”

After trying it I give you my slightly more elaborate opinion.

The pros?

It’s very easy to follow the recipes. They have so many meticulously explained steps accompanied by photos that I’m sure even someone who has never fried an egg without supervision could pull it off.

Secondly, the food is tasty, not an entirely unimportant aspect. The ingredients are all high quality and most of them locally sourced and organic. Meaning you can basically be the ULTIMATE FOOD HIPSTER without ever having to leave your house. Finding that tucked away organic goat’s cheese stall in that food market no one has ever heard of won’t be necessary anymore.

You could say this also means you are saving the planet by not buying pineapples that had to be flown in from the Seychelles, but then again the van delivering the box of food is less eco-friendly than me dragging my shopping back on foot.

And the cons?

The portion sizes might be enough for the average person, but my boyfriend with the enviably high metabolism needs a lot more carbs than the one potato provided per person in meal 1.

The fact that you have to sign up to the subscription and can’t just order one-off boxes without paying more is a bit annoying, but the main problem I have with Hello Fresh is still the fact that it is simply too expensive. 40 pounds for 3 home cooked meals is pricy by every not-extremely-rich person’s standard. When I know that we can buy a whole week’s of breakfast, lunch and dinner for that amount, without having to eat beans on toast 6 out of 7 days, I really can’t justify spending that. After all, I’m sure burritos with non-organic tinned black beans will taste just as nice.

I think I’d rather spend that money on a nice meal out with a big fat glass of wine every now and then instead.


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