I remember when I was about ten years old a girl in my class did ballet. I also remember thinking it was the lamest way ever to spend your time after school. Surely no cool girl would ever want to be seen anywhere near a pink tutu.

Pink still isn’t my favourite colour, but oh how my opinion has changed.

I went to see the ballet for the first time last weekend and it was amazing. Life-affirming.

When I saw that the English National Ballet was performing The Swan Lake in London this January there were a few reasons that made me press the virtual ‘Go to Checkout’ button for my single ticket to the Sunday matinee.

  1. Watching TV-shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and getting way too into it made me realise the following: I like looking at people who can dance.
  2. Whilst studying in Milan a few years ago I couldn’t not go to an opera in La Scala and I found that I like that kind of intense drama. Even if I did have a stiff neck after bending it into an unnatural position for three hours of it because we had the cheapest seats in the house.
  3. Black Swan. Natalie Portman.

It felt a little bit awkward picking up the ticket, buying the opera glasses (because you know, when in Rome) and sitting down all by myself, worrying that people would perceive me as that sad blonde girl with no friends. Of course no one cared enough to think that in the first place, but as soon as the curtain lifted and the music began I forgot all about it anyway.

It was just so beautiful. So beautiful I experienced the same silent tears that run down your cheeks while watching on-screen emotion as inconspicuously as you can manage in a very full cinema.

The grace, the beautiful white swan costumes, the flexibility, the orchestra and, let’s be honest, the sight of the male dancers’ legs in those tight flesh-coloured leotards. That ticket was worth every penny I paid for it.

I should do it again sometime. And who knows, maybe this post convinced someone out there to come along.



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