hampstead heath

The Hill

If you are/were a regular reader of this blog, you might think: that Sunday Blah person is a big fat quitter.

Dear readers, this is not (entirely) true. In an attempt to convince you (and maybe myself?) of my perseverance I shall now tell you about the fact that 6 months after rekindling my long lost love for running I’m still going on those runs. Regularly. Yes!

And so can you!

(If running is your form of exercise of choice that is. If not keep doing that yoga/pilates/spinning (bwerk)/whatever gets your heart rate up.)

Get an app (or a sporty friend)

During the first few weeks when I couldn’t really run for longer than a few minutes I found having a running app, and the schedule that came with it, really useful, but I think it’s been even more effective in keeping me going past that “I can do 5k now”-point. You see, my app has a name (Evy), and Evy tells me how far I’ve run and other useful stats while jogging, but every so often she also offers unrequested running advice and encouragements over the top of my playlist. And so, Evy and I have bonded over these past few months. When I’m not feeling like going for a run, I feel like I’m letting Evy down, so out of guilt and fear to disappoint my virtual running buddy I do lace my trainers up and I do run.

(This also works when you have a sporty friend to go on runs with by the way #foreveralone.)

Get a goal (and then another one)

Running half an hour (or more!) at a time can seem pretty pointless if you don’t have a greater goal that you are working towards. First I wanted to run 5k, then 10 and now I want to be able to run up that Damn Hill in Hampstead Heath without feeling like being sick on some kite-flying 5-year-old when I reach the top (for the record: so far this hasn’t actually happened). Having a goal in mind is a great way to keep motivated, so when you reach it it’s best to set a new one straight away.

Go to a disgustingly awful fitness class to re-appreciate the zen of running.

 Okay, this is not strictly necessary, but it worked for me.

Switch up the running playlist

 If you are the kind of runner that is happiest with the sound of the birds and your own panting as a soundtrack this doesn’t apply to you, but if, like me, you need a bit of a musical push to keep you going, you need to switch it up regularly. When you start skipping through half of the songs on your playlist it’s time to get some new tunes in there.

When all else fails: get some new gear

 Running is inherently quite a cheap sporty hobby, but I won’t deny that getting some new tights or top is an instant-gratification kind of way that will no doubt give you a new passion for the road. Use it sparingly though, your bank account will thank you.

I hope this will be useful for any (aspiring) sporty bunnies out there. Happy running!



  1. Fantastic tips! I couldn’t have put it better myself! I often go through phases of not being very good at going out and running too. Last year I invested in the Zombies, Run! app, if running away from zombies on an audio book linked with your own music is your thing you might like this! It also has a wicked intervals thing that involves running away from the Zombies faster than normal… But this year after my blip I invested in a running buddy, which has helped greatly 🙂 (I never need an excuse to buy new running gear). Hope you run up the Damn Hill soon!!! x

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