rumble in the jumble

What to do on a Saturday afternoon when you are feeling fresh to only slightly hung over? Go to a jumble sale and score some cheap and unique fashion finds. Or even better: go to the aforementioned kind of event but with all proceeds going to charity.

‘Rumble in the jumble’ a charity sale organised by Radio 1 DJ Gemma Cairney was exactly this. Lot’s of clothes, new and old, some previously owned by celebrities (silver ball gown hand me down from Nicole Scherzinger anyone?), cosmetics, cake and a DJ over viewing the shopping chaos playing some funky tunes.

The prices varied from dead cheap (£3 pound dress) to slightly more expensive for branded/previously owned by celebrity items. I didn’t to too much clothes buying as a lot of the stuff was in small sizes/ the place was pretty crowded so perusing at ease or trying things on weren’t really an option. I didn’t mind though because there was a Smashbox stand where you could get some amazing cosmetics at a third of the regular price, which basically earned (girl logic) me my £5 entry ticket back.

And the best part? The profits from this busy (you could also see it as healthy competition?) shopping event will go to an Oxfam campaign to promote gender equality in Myanmar. So unlike some high street shopping you could get those bargains with a clear conscience.

This year’s even at the Oval Space was the 4th edition and given its success I can imagine there will be a fifth one next year, so keep a look out for it next spring.


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