London Tube Map

Two relatively big changes have taken place in my life recently: I’ve moved jobs and I’ve moved house. First came moving jobs, so the working-from-home-at-weird-times era came to an end and I got to enjoy the London commute to my 9-to-5 two times a day.

A few months later I moved into a flat at (kind of) walking distance from my job, so I don’t get to inhale the tube fumes and sweat odours of rush hour anymore, but I feel like those journeys on jam-packed trains have taught me some valuable lessons. Let’s reflect.

People Londoners are always in a hurry.

Or at least they are convinced they are. Why else sprint for a train only to get squashed between the doors and shouted at by an angry tube driver when the next one is only a minute away. I especially don’t get it on the commute home. Or maybe those first two minutes of East Enders are what life is all about.

Reading whilst standing up in a moving vehicle is a skill that can be mastered

(And I have.)

Rush hour tempers are very short

When you bump into someone, when you don’t get out of the way quickly enough. People on the underground don’t tend to have the best of tempers. Because: busy, busy, busy, remember?

The best response?

Smile and wave boys. Just smile and wave.

People who push past everyone to get a seat, only to get off on the next stop are arseholes.

(Sometimes I’m an arsehole.)

In summary: keep calm and just wait for the next one.

(Don’t let them turn you into one of them.)


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