Succulent Tiger

I recently moved into a new flat, so being the average western consumerist I am this is making me want to Buy Stuff. I’m not talking about the “Oh god we don’t even have plates”- obligatory Ikea run – that IS kind of necessary – I’m talking about all of the other shopping possibilities in the grand realm of home ware. The not so necessary. The pretty picture frames and ‘perfect fruitbowl’.

The fluff.

Even though I’m sure this is a fairly normal reaction to moving house, I do wonder how much of this ‘feeling spendy’-urge is coming from my inner lemming that is way too easily influenced by social media.

Because all the things I’m immediately drawn too on yet another week night perusal of some home ware website are the things I’d imagine the typical Lifestyle Blogger, Social Media Whore Extraordinaire would go for.

Copper lamps, marble trays, succulents in terrariums (terraria?): do I actually like them or have I been brainwashed by one too many white-walls and extremely stylized perfect décor Instagram picture?

The pictures I imagine to fill many an aspirational interior design Pinterest-board.

Basically Pinterest is making me want to spend all my money in H&M home on metal bowls in order to achieve the Pinterest perfect flat.

Pinterest is giving me flat-anxiety.

And I’m not even ON Pinterest!



  1. I’ve been getting this recently too, especially with copper bowls and terrariums! Though I’ve always liked terrariums ever since I came across one which the person had added plastic dinosaurs too to create a Jurassic Park style one! I think with Pinterest it’s very easy to get bowled over by the House Boards, but I try to stay true to what I like. I’m lucky I don’t have Instagram at the moment otherwise I think it would be even worse! – Tasha

    • Instagram is the enemy of shopping bans! I feel like it’s in my own interest to stay away from Pinterest all together. Although I feel like a copper terrarium (get both out of the way) is going to happen at some point, haha. X

  2. Oh I know the feeling. I currently am looking into creating a small desk space in my tiny apartment and even though there are a lot of great ideas on Pinterest for making the most of a small room, I do feel the urge to buy nice but useless things to pretty things up. Apartment Therapy is even worse 😦

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