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I took a break from blogging recently. Taking a break from blogging for me meant taking a break from everything related therewith. Because really it wasn’t the writing that I got bored of, I still spent my Sunday afternoons tapping away on my near dead laptop (hang in there baby!) or scribbling in my notebook, I just got a bit of a social media overdose.

Promoting your writing online has to be done – because really, what’s the point of putting it out there if no one is ever going to see it? – however spending all that time doing so on various social media can bring along a few negative side effects. Comparing yourself to others, jealousy, self-doubt etc. etc. I won’t go any further into that, because I already have.

However not looking at Twitter or other people’s blogs for about a month wasn’t ideal either. I realised that for me personally, reading about other people’s achievements and enjoying their online work can occasionally spark envy but even more so motivation and inspiration.

Seeing people getting book deals or just kicking ass with their blog makes me want to try just a little bit harder without feeling like a failure for not being quite there yet. And when you actually follow people you like this fine balance between jealousy and inspiration isn’t that hard to walk.

When you stop hate/dislike-following people that make you feel less-than-positive about yourself and focus on your real online heroes, that’s when the magic can, and will happen.

Social media can get a bit much, but when you balance it out it can get just right.



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