If you, like me, follow a few fitness Instagrammers in attempt to inspire you to go for a run and eat a salad every now and then you have probably read the phrase “fail to prepare is prepare to fail” under some sort of #fitspo post.

Incredibly obnoxious? – Yes.

Does it make you want to comment in all caps “REAL HUMANS DON’T TALK LIKE THAT”? – Yes.

But admittedly, when it comes to healthy eating there is a source of truth in it. When you’re really hungry a fridge full of raw ingredients that will take around an hour to turn into a dinner can seem a bit discouraging. Especially when you live in a city and there are plenty of instant gratification food options around you that are more expensive and less healthy.

So how is being prepared defined by the aforementioned health bloggers? “Meal prep”. In their stylized snaps this usually translated to 5 matching tupperware containers with measured out portions of boiled broccoli and grilled chicken.

The idea of having some tasteless dinner 5 times in a week makes me want weep with boredom.

But do not despair, it doesn’t have to be that way! The last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to do a little meal prep on a Sunday afternoon and it usually doesn’t take me more than 20 mins of actual cooking and I haven’t ended up eating flavourless food all week. (In fact I’m roasting some veg for my lunches this week as I’m typing this. Multitasking! Yes!)

I think the key to meal-prep-for-normal-people is to prepare a few components to meals but not the actual meals themselves. That way you can make variations using the same basic components.

For example I often cook a big portion of brown rice, quinoa and/or lentils on a Sunday. These are foods I really like to use in my meals but they take around a century to boil and when hungry ain’t nobody got time for that. Bonus: while they’re boiling you can do whatever you want (although you probably shouldn’t venture too far, safety and all that).

A little cooking session on a Sunday is also ideal for getting rid of foods that are about to go off. That kale you bought in moment of healthy inspiration and then failed to actually eat? Put it in the oven and make kale chips. While you’re at it put the rest of your leftover veg in there too with loads of seasoning and olive oil. Buy a bag of salad leaves on your way to work and that’s your lunch for the week done.

This way you can stick to your good food intentions all week even when you are feeling particularly lazy on a rainy Tuesday night.

In other words: – PRepAre to SucCeeD –


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