Kentish Town Alma Street Festival

The sun’s out in London and I’m quite confident it’s the best place to live in the world right now. Maybe it’s the fact that good weather is a rare occurrence and everyone gets a bit overexcited or maybe Victorian/Tudorian/Whateverian (just found out I have no clue about architecture) houses look even more beautiful in bright 30-degree sunlight.

This Summer feeling has also made me realise how much I love our new home town. Kentish Town to be precise. The two Camden Pale Ales I had at the colourful Alma Street fair today may also have had something to do with that.

When you live in a huge city like London it’s easy to feel a little bit lost in the crowds, but this place does feel very towny. People actually live here. There are independent pubs and restaurants here.

It couldn’t be any more different from our former location, wanker-banker and Starbucks invaded Canary Wharf (where we lived in the crappy part).

The street festival today embodied good neighbourhood vibes, which I guess you could get in any small town, except you probably wouldn’t be torn between the jerk chicken and Vietnamese baguette stands that were operating side by side.

There are loads of little towns like this that kind of operate as independent pods within the larger London organism. I’m trying to slowly explore them on plan-free weekend days and would recommend it to any tourist planning a visit in the near future, especially if you’ve already seen all the big sights. I foolishly gave a book on the exact topic of these London villages away to my dad (it was for his birthday to be fair) so I’ll have to do my own research. I have a lot more exploring to do even here in Kentish Town, but for now I’ll list a few of my favourites, in case you are passing by and don’t have an all-comprehensive book for research at your disposal either.

PUB – The Pineapple, followed closely by The Abbey Tavern.

FOOD – Joe’s Southern Kitchen is greasy and delicious. Carrots + Daikon is my favourite for a not so guilt ridden takeaway and E. Mono for the best kebab in London.

SHOP – B&S DIY this is “literally” like Ali Baba’s cave. Anything you can think of from lightbulbs to straws to paint stripper, they’ll probably have it in there. Make sure to ask the lovely staff to locate it for you though, because you’ll never find it on your own and might get lost. Even if you don’t really need anything, just go in for the experience.

ACTIVITY – Since this Saturday it’s going to the ladies pond on Hampstead Heat (like I said, it’s been hot).


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